GeoSyndicate, a CleanTech venture Indubated and Graduated from I.I.T Bombay , Mumbai brings together established technology and a wealth of expertise generated over a period of three decades. Ours is a congregation of an experienced, established, scientific, engineering and management expertise.

Widely used over the world and now in India,geothermal is the energy for the future.GS aims at promoting the use of non conventional energy mechanisms to deliver high efficiency and low cost electricity to the Indian Rural and power sectors, thereby containing the pollution levels and giving Clean air for millions.

Besides power generation using Geothermal energy, the company also intends to bring forth products pertaining to various Geo-Resources and Geo-Processes. Each of the products / processes shall serve a specific need according to the required parameters.The assets thus generated, as a whole, would be a value addition by the company.