GS aims to promote the use of Geothermal as an alternative energy source to generate electricity and decrease the excessive dependence on the polluting fossil fuels and thereby become an Independent Power Producer (Renewable Energy Sector) in India. GS also aims to improve the quality of life in rural India through Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), harnessing Geothermal energy for power generation and various other direct geothermal applications, thereby bridging the gap between demand and supply of energy in the subcontinent. This innovative and economically-viable Geothermal Energy solution will meet India’s future energy demands and produce Power for the People.

" What Geothermal Energy means to the Indian Power and Rural Sector?

Clean air for millions with high efficiency and low cost electricity."

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) demands environmental friendly and economically advantageous energy sources. There is no other source other than geothermal that generates electricity without emitting carbon dioxide, polluting water and creating hazardous waste.

Geothermal is online 97%; needs no back-up power, no submergence of land, no displacement of people and no deforestation. The energy is renewable and sustainable. Innovative and creative geothermal solutions will meet India’s future energy demand and produce power for people at minimum cost. For maximum and continuous power output, eliminating greenhouse emissions and environmentally compatible performance, Geothermal is the solution.