Geothermal wellfield Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance

Geothermal Plants broadly consists of a Well Field and Plant Field. The Type, Grade , composition of the Geothermal Reservoir defines the type of Power Plant ( ie , Flash , Organic Rankine Cycle or Combined Cycle) to be associated and build arount it.

Hence any Geothermal plant its wells systems supplying the steam or brine forms the central nervous system for a normal functioning of the plant.

Our engineers are highly-trained and multi-skilled in exploration , Drilling , commissioning, operating and maintaining the complete well systems that provide the steam or brine requirements of geothermal power plants.

Services Offered

Basic Service

  • Resistivity Surveys
  • 2D/3D Magneto-Telluric Surveys
  • Pre-fesiability development Survey for Geothermal plant
  • Resource assessment and evaluation
  • Reservoir and wellbore modeling and simulation
  • Resource management and optimization
  • Well test analysis
  • Wireline and testing services

Advanced Services

  • Development of all-weather drilling pads and associated activites.
  • Exploration and Production Well Drilling Casing and SAGS construction.
  • Servicing Geothermal Wellhead Assemblies
  • De-scaling Geothermal Pipelines
  • Servicing SAGS systems
  • Overhauling Geothermal Well fields

Auxillary Services

  • Power Plant Type Determination
  • Power Plant tendering & Procurement
  • Onsite Supervision and Engineering Support
  • Project Management in Exploring, Developing and Operating Geothermal Steamfields
  • Complete Operation & Management of Geothermal Power Plant system